The list below outlines some of the common ways to procure real estate, this is not an all encompassing list and does not provide enough information to become an expert in the field, but if you have great motivation to further discuss these options in detail please contact us.  These aren't outlined to scare you away from any of the processes, simply to inform you.   Kajuka Properties is a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage and can assist with any of these processes.  As all things in life, the world's markets are run by supply and demand.


Each of the below supplies info on the mechanics of procuring real estate which anyone can do, however, with any investment the bigger questions need answering right at the beginning:

  • What is your goal for the investment? 

    • Will it become an annual rental, will it be a fix and flip, will you vacation rent it, will you sell it with owner financing?

    • How long will you hold the investment?

    • What is your expected return on this investment?

  • What is your exit strategy for this investment?

  • Do you understand the local Real Estate market to value the investment to determine your starting bid and highest and best?

  • What will be your mode of financing for the investment?  Each of the below procurement options have different requirements.

    • Will you pay cash?  Will that cash be best used in this situation or another​

    • Will you leverage a loan to finance the investment?  Depending on your goal above will you be able to make your payments and deadlines in a timely fashion and have you investigated the penalties for not being able.

    • Will you leverage an existing asset to purchase this one?

Each of the below procedures comes with a level of risk, ability to back out, and requirements for purchase.  From a risk related perspective you need to work in a level that you feel comfortable with and can research the best.  If these procedures were to be ranked from lowest to highest risk it would be Retail Purchase, Foreclosure Auction, Tax Deed Auction.   Limited risks supplies limited rewards! 

Retail Purchase

These days the retail purchasing of real estate is fairly transparent thanks to the Internet and all of the information that is available to us.  Surely everyone reading this has been on Zillow or Trulia to look at houses and see the information provided so we won't go into that to much here.  There are also 'Auction' houses that serve a purpose in this community such as and Hubzu.


In the end there is a seller that is looking for a buyer.  The seller has really two options: obtain assistance from a Real Estate Broker, or attempt to FSBO (For Sale by Owner) and then involve a Real Estate Lawyer to broker the deal.  The buyer can obtain assistance from a Real Estate Broker or contact the FSBO on their own.  Each of these options for buyer or seller have their advantages and disadvantages.  We will stay away from the 'Auction' houses for now since they usually have their own rules of engagement

There are many contracts, stipulations, disclosures, and contingency clauses, a minor amount of negotiations between parties on all of these items and price are considered and then either a deal is struck or they part ways.  If a deal is struck the work begins, you then revisit the questions above.

Retail purchases are the most flexible with their methods of payment, cash is king and can assist in negotiations, but banks will loan on investments (depending on your entity classification), and there are other loan vendors that are options if the bank isn't.  Each of these methods have different rules and regulations wrapped around the loan itself, taxes, insurance, etc.

Foreclosure Auctions

There are a lot of steps to the actual foreclosure process, including pre-foreclosure, the court system, and post foreclosure, too many to outline here.  From a procurement perspective the post foreclosure steps are the ones that are most crucial for you.  These are the items that include the mechanics of the actual real-time auction, title reports/history,  how to register with the county you would like to purchase the investment in, how to fund your account, and the steps/currency type to pay off the auction in the case you win. 


Anyone that has access to a computer these days can access most of the county foreclosure auctions, but there are still counties in Florida that perform the auction on the courthouse steps.  The foreclosure process wipes out most liens during the process of the sale, however, if the proper title reports aren't run and investigated there could be additional risks for each property such as a deceased owner whose blood line wasn't communicated to or named in the foreclosure process or liens on the property that aren't wiped out such as with the IRS or additional mortgages on the property that aren't taken care of in the process (if a secondary mortgage holder is performing the foreclosure proceeding it does not wipe our the Primary mortgage holder).   


These auctions are the actual county auctions from the judicial process, they only accept cash/cashiers checks as payment and have strict deadlines to adhere to, these are not the retail 'Auction' houses mentioned above that advertise consistently on the internet and have a lot of additional rules around reserves, their ability to influence the auction results, and hefty buyers fees.

Tax Deed Auctions

Tax Deed Auctions are used for the transfer of Real Property due to the insufficient payment of property taxes on the parcel, these are not to be confused with the purchase of a tax certificate.  A tax certificate simply purchases you the tax lien on the property that will be paid off with interest at the Tax Deed Auction.  The tax certificate will allow you to start the foreclosure process if the purchase is not paid off in a specific amount of time.  However, there are a whole other set of risks associated with doing that.  For now we will focus on the sale of the Real Property to cover the back taxes. 


From a mechanics perspective these auctions are almost identical to the Foreclosure Auction process, with the exception of the liens that are wiped out by the judicial process.  They differ quite a bit, to the extent that if the proper investigation is not completed this is the riskiest of the 3 methods.  Additional items that are not wiped out are current year taxes, code violations and fines, miscellaneous county liens, etc

These auctions are also actual county auctions from the judicial process, they only accept cash/cashiers checks as payment and have strict deadlines to adhere to.

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