Exit Strategy

Your exit strategy should fit the goals for your portfolio.  They should be defined before procurement, however, sometimes exit strategies grow and mature as your portfolio does.  None of us can see the future and sometimes exit strategies are simply modifications of the current portfolio.

Exit strategies can be very simple.  You come to us and request us to assist in liquidating an asset or they can be extremely complex.  Perhaps your portfolio is full of single family homes and you would like to add small apartment buildings or sell two single family homes to buy a quadriplex.  Perhaps you would like to convert an annual rental to a vacation rental.  Perhaps you have several owner financed mortgages that you would like to consolidate or sell.  Or  maybe you want to liquidate and retire.   Exit strategies are limitless and can be in essence linked back into the procurement strategies in a never ending movement of goals overlapping each other.  In the end a a properly planned exit strategy requires several keys pieces, including but not limited to, timing, proper management, properly set expectations, and a plan B.

Kajuka Properties is a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage and can handle the exit strategy of any situation or size.   As all things in life, the world's markets are run by supply and demand.

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