Who We Are

Kajuka Properties is Real Estate!

What does that mean I thought you were just Property Managers?

Yes, property management for both Annual rentals and Vacation rentals is one of our critical departments but property management is merely a small portion of the Procure-Manage-Exit life cycle of Real Estate.

We are also a full service brokerage licensed and recognized by the state of Florida enabling us to represent buyers and sellers in retail real estate transactions, but again only a portion of the full picture.

We are also a broker of Financing designed specifically for investors, no matter the real estate investment, but again only a piece of the full puzzle.

Our true expertise comes when we get to start the cycle with you.  You explain your goals, your budget, your expected rate of return, as well as timelines and we customize a strategic plan outlining the real estate to invest in, the price point of procurement, renovations or updating budget, financing if required, your rate of return and a time frame.  

When was the last time that you saw a 25% cap rate on properties that have doubled in value over a 5 year period?  We can show you several in our corporate portfolio.

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PO Box 9094 Bradenton, FL 34206


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